Is NATO Still Necessary?

NATO means The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and it exits since 1949. There are currently 28 members and their purpose is to safeguard the freedom of its members. On the political side NATO promotes democratic values and encourages cooperation on defense and security issues. On the long run it is to build trust among the members and to prevent conflict.

Quote from NATO:

“Each day, hundreds of civilian and military experts and officials come to NATO Headquarters to exchange information, share ideas and help prepare decisions when needed, in cooperation with national delegations and the staff at NATO Headquarters.”

NATO was created so that the American troops can protect the European countries after the war. But now is a different time. The time of war has ended and the European countries are living in peace a long time. Americans have spent nearly three quarters of their budget to support NATO, but do the European countries really need it. I think yes.

I think NATO intervention in Europe and Ukraine has stopped Russia attack and prevented future war. Also NATO makes a good jobs in countries around the world where is needed. With more than 150,000 troops available in operations on three continents.

In Afghanistan, troops from 48 nations are deported and helping with security from the terrorists.

In Libya they have taken responsibility of helping the people to consider and determine their own destiny in operations. Some of the operations are stopping the arms deals through air and sea, protecting civilians from the attacks by Qaddafi’s brutal regime.

There are many operations on the coast of Africa, conducting counter terrorism activities.

Also they are training Iraq’s war and police forces.

It also tries to stabilize the Balkan states in Eastern Europe.

I think we are in need of strong alliances for the future, there are still unpredictable threads to security. There can be a lot of Cyber-attacks that can happen in seconds and we need to work together to stop them. Countries with similar beliefs, interests and concerns. I hope more countries can join NATO in the coming years so we can protect ourselves better and have more trust in each other. It shows the importance of the passive role. The existential threads to members in European countries are at minimum. NATO serves an important role in of stabilizing and uniting a community of powers. It is little aggressive but it is doing more good than bad. I think is more effective organization than any other in the World.

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