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Myths about World War II

Almost 80 years have passed since the World War II began. Having in mind the magnitude of the war, it is no surprise that after all this time it is rattled with lies and misconceptions. If you’re from UK, chances are you see the war a lot more different from the French, Americans, Russians and, basically, everyone else.

There is no shame in that. Every movie, book or song portrays at least a bit of a lie. After all, propaganda machines were in full force even before the war broke out, while today’s mentions are largely romanticized and dramatized.

saving private ryan

Enemy at the Gates, Saving Private Ryan are great examples. Both are great movies but, as Hollywood does, there is emphasis on an individual. There was a hundred million people involved – there wasn’t much space to check on individuals.

While we are on the subject, Hollywood also dies well with ‘what-ifs’. The Man in the High Castle looks at U.S. territory occupied by Germany. The fact is there is very little chance Germany could have won the war. Axis had its strengths but taking over the world? They wouldn’t have held for long even if they got into UK.

Which they almost did, but either God or Luck just wasn’t on their side


Which is another important theme. Luck played a major role in this, or any other, war. For instance, July 4, 1944, the most famous D-Day of the war could have gone a lot differently (not in a good way) if weather conditions were slightly different. Reportedly, the Germans underestimated the speed and the magnitude of allied forced that will be able to get trough the channel. It is strange to think about it that way but yes, the fate of millions of soldiers was like a spin on

Lastly, let’s talk about the people. We say that Hitler was some sort of an evil genius that was able to persuade tens of millions of people. But that couldn’t be repeated today. And yet it is, especially in U.S. We are not saying Trump is Hitler. It’s simply proof that if you tap into people’s fears, you can get them to respond to anything.

Hitler didn’t ask people to do horrible things on the first day. It was gradual move from ‘I know how you feel’ to ‘we should kill everyone who isn’t like us.

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