Putin, Trump, and China: Where are We Headed?

In the last years when Obama was president The United States have been working closely with China and were trying to isolate from Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Obama thinks Russia is dangerous country to have as a partner by their acts in the former years. In 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine trying to start war. In 2015 the bombing campaigns in Syria and in 2016 the possible hack of the United States election. It is shown in many ways that Russia plays by their rules and unwilling to partner up with other countries.

On the other hand, President Obama had building his partnership with China. Who are far less aggressive, less confrontational and are willing to negotiate on long range issues in good fate for the rest of the world. China was the key economic partner, but now it is all going to change.

Now President Trump turns 8 years of built trust and good faith into nothing. He thinks China is a thread to the US economy and will be responsible for the loss of American jobs and that Obama was too soft on them. Trump sees Putin as a capable leader and potential partner in fighting Islam and not as a thread to America.

“China is the biggest state adversary in Trump’s mind” said Patrick Cronin, the senior director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program. He also said: “It’s not Russia. It’s China.”

Trumps policy with China is heading to conflict

His actions are always unpredictable and have aggressive policies. He sees China as a thread and he only responds by force. Also his rhetoric and policy proposals maybe opening bids to establish stronger negotiation position. But it a very risky way to do it. This means that there will be increased tensions between the United States and China and they are inevitable, at least for the short term.

Since the drone issue we are sure that the tension started. China used American drone technology to possibly spy American waters. Trump hasn’t acted yes, but he openly “tweeted”.

“We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back. –let them keep it!” – are the exact words he used.

We know he isn’t going to let this slip away, so I have been reading all news related to it. There are all sorts of ways that Trump could answer. According to experts his options include:

  • Boosting the United States military missions with the Taiwanese
  • Closer direct military operations in the areas of tension. Naval patrols or drones in the South China Sea.
  • Selling advanced weapons to other countries and building partnership with Vietnam or other countries
  • Other soft options suggest increasing the tariffs on Chinese imports, which could damage them on the long run.

All of these policies carries their own risk. Arms sales, patrols, military measures and risk of provoking other Asian countries.

All others expert suggestions relate starting of World War 3, but I like to think we live in a peaceful era. The famous tweets and responses of the American President suggest his actions and hate are strong, but it’s just to build the trust of the American people. I think he will be a great president in the coming years and he will work things with Russia and Putin, we just need some time.

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