Why Students Have to Study World War II?

World War Two is a pivotal period of the 20th Century. It teaches us that in modern conflict geography still matters, that organization, training, supply and communication are crucial, and that technology and surprise can be decisive. World War Two have to many lessons and the changes were vest. In the beginning of World War Two for over four centures Europe has been the center of world power.

And as the most powerful military forces on earth were the French army, the British navy and the German air force. After the war the United States navy and air force and the Soviet Russian army are the most powerful military forces.

The power were in the hands of the United States and the Soviet Union witch define world power politics for the next 45 years. European domination of China and India was broke after the war. Those two countries were significant powers in the 21st centary.

World War Two made dramatic technological, political and social changes by putting an end to the Great Depression, also by placing woman into the workforce on a massive scale, by the process of racially integrating the armed forces.

The combatant with the fighter plane force allowed their drive bombers to wreak havoc on enemy strong points, communications, supplies and reinforcements, also mechanized infantry to practice Blitzkrieg style penetrating and encircling mobile warfare, often against superior land forces.

There was surprised attacks on battleships moored at Taranto and Pearl Harbor by aircraft resulted in devastating battleship loses and repeatedly battleships caught in the open sea without adequate aircraft protection were badly damaged and destroyed by enemy aircraft. In antisubmarine warfare the use of convoys helped, but that wasn’t  satisfactory.

The World War Two saw the first wide spread use of antibiotics, synthetic insecticides, blood plasma and two ways radios in warfare. The introduction of radar and advertisement electronic warfare, sonar, hand held antitank weapons, the cruise missile, the smart bomb, the jet engine were seen by World War Two.

Second World War have a lots of reasons to study. There are too many own personal reasons as to why it is worth knowing this history.

By knowing what happened in the Second World War we can understand why and what is happening today in the terms of the big international issues.

We can find the reasons about the attitude of Russia to the rest of the world witch is mystery unless we understand the role and the suffering of the Soviet Union during this war. This war explain why our human world is so different from the first three decades of the 20th century.

We teach history in schools from many reason and one of them being that today’s generation does not make the mistakes of the previous ones and same goes with this war.

It is very important the new generations read about the greatest war of all time to make sure that we humans as a race do not repeat our mistakes and that this is the reason why is very hard for a country to actually go for a war in today’s world.

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